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Property Sales

Property sales in Tamworth starts here, We can assist with all your realty requirements.Real Estate Agents Tamworth

Selling a property, on many occasions your biggest asset can be a stress free, rewarding and even an enjoyable experience. The outcome depends on a number of factors which are all within your control. When selling your property, you have the luxury of choice. Here are some simple steps to help you achieve the best result;


Ensure you are clear on when you need to move or sell and what your next move may be. Are you going to sell, then buy? Or would you rather buy, then sell? If you are selling an investment property, do you sell with the tenant occupying the property?  Or do you sell when the property is vacant?  Your Real Estate Solutions Tamworth Sales Consultant is here to assist you with your options and discuss the effects of any of those choices in today’s market.


A critical ingredient in achieving the highest possible price for your property is the presentation.  Please click here for our easy to follow checklist that will ensure prospective purchasers have nothing but praise for your home.

Methods of Sale

The two most common methods of selling Real Estate are Private Treaty and Auction.

Private Treaty

When a property is offered for sale by Private Treaty, a price is set on the property and the property is then marketed by your agent at that price. Potential buyers make offers on the property and the vendor has the ability to accept, reject or negotiate on these offers. Private treaty is the most common method of sale in the Tamworth Region.

There are many advantages to selling your property by Private Treaty:

  • You set the price
  • You have control over the sale process
  • There is no ambiguity for purchasers
  • The marketing of the property begins quickly
  • The marketing program can sometimes cost less


When a property is offered for sale by Auction, it will go through an intensive marketing campaign over a short period of time, usually 4 weeks. The vendor has the right to set the reserve price, below which the auctioneer is not permitted to sell. On the day of the Auction, if the highest bidder reaches or exceeds the reserve price the property is sold and the auctioneer will conclude a binding contract between buyer and seller. Properties most likely to benefit from the Auction process are usually properties where demand is greater than supply; unique properties or where a quick and definite outcome is required, for example, an inherited estate.

There are many benefits to selling your home by Auction

  • The market sets the price, so there is no upper limit set to the value of the property during marketing
  • Buyers compete directly to purchase the property
  • It involves a short, intensive marketing campaign on a set calendar

Our agent will be able to advise you on the best Sale Method for your property.

Pricing your Home

There are four areas you need to consider when pricing your home, these are:

  1. What features does my property have?

For example:

  • Location
  • Bedrooms
  • Car accommodation
  • Living space
  • Age and style of bathrooms and kitchen
  • Heating and cooling
  • Block size
  • Rear yard access
  • Age, condition and maintenance of the house

By identifying all the features of your home you will be able to enhance the attractive ones and improve any limitations. Our agent will assist you in this process commencing your marketing programme.

  1. What comparable properties are currently for sale?

Our agent will supply you with the details of other properties currently for sale with similar features to your own property. This will indicate both the level and quality of the activity in the current Tamworth market. This list is comprehensive, recent and accurate and will help you to place your property competitively in the market place.

  1. What comparable properties have recently sold?

Our agent will supply you with the details of other properties recently sold. This will indicate the market range for successful sales.

  1. What is the current market doing and how will this affect me/us?

Our agent will provide you with a outline of the current market trends. It will cover the important features of your home, current properties for sale and recent sales of comparable properties and the effect of other forces on the sale price of your home such as government policy or regional developments. The outline may also include a recommended price range.

Remember, it is not the agent who sets the value of your home, the market sets the price. However, an experienced agent can assist you in promoting your home in the right way to the right people to maximise the success of your sale.

Presenting your Home for Sale

As a general guide consider some of the following things.

The Garden

If the garden is neat, tidy and well kept, it makes a great first impression – and a prospective buyer’s first impressions are very important.

The Outside

If it’s possible, give the outside of your home a good “Spring Clean”. Clean the windows, clear the gutters, wash the paint work, hose down the porch. It all helps create the right image.

The Inside

Keep the house light and airy. When purchasers inspect, draw the curtains, open the windows and let the sun shine in! If it’s a dull day or raining, turn on a few lights, as they arrive. Keep the temperature comfortable – cosy in winter, cool in summer. If the buyers are comfortable they’ll stay longer and give your home more attention.

Pets, Children & Noise

While we love our children, our pets and our radio all these things can interfere with the buyers inspection of your property. It is important to remove, restrain or turn off anything that could distract the buyer during their inspection.

Marketing Methods

As a client of Real Estate Solutions Tamworth you will benefit from a variety of different marketing strategies. We will provide a customised range of promotional tools to ensure that your property receives maximum exposure aimed at the right people.

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